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Welding School

The Welding School is a corporate training facility with a long tradition in training qualified welders, including external candidates, and is staffed by experienced personnel. The school operates within a welder training system controlled by the Czech Welding Society ANB, which issues the certification documents. Subsequent welding courses are conducted in accordance with applicable standards, regulations, and technical rules. The school is equipped with the latest cutting-edge welding technology and thus meets all the requirements for quality training in fusion welding of metals.

We offer

  • Induction Training Courses- ZP - ČSN 050705
  • Basic Courses - ZK - ČSN 050705
  • Courses per ČSN EN 287-1, ČSN EN 1418
  • Examinations and Tests - ČSN 050705, ČSN EN 287-1 (1418)
  • Consultancy, technical advice

Induction training and welding courses regarding most classes of high-grade steels, and methods:

  • 111 – MMA – manual electric arc welding with coated electrode
  • 131/135/138 (136) - MIG/MAG – mechanized electric arc welding with melting electrode (solid or hollow wire) in inert or active shielding gas
  • 141 - WIG/TIG – arc welding with non-melting electrode in inert gas (Ar)
  • 311 – flame welding including induction training 311-1÷5
  • 15-2 – plasma cutting
  • 783 – stud arc welding

For more information on prices, terms and applications, please, contact us.

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