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We are proud to design, manufacture, and maintain products and systems that enable sustainable mobility of people and goods. We introduce new standards in the areas where our activities and products impact the environment. We have commited ourselves to provide safe and healthy workplaces, and to protect a healthy environment.

We help cities breathe.

Please note that in terms of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, a single train can replace 10 buses or 180 cars.

Therefore, the railway systems are the future of a greener environment for everyone.

ECO4 is one of Bombardier Transportation’s major sustainability initiatives. Our goal is to leave next generations with an environment largely unspoiled by our industry’s activities and products. Our revolutionary technologies save energy and minimize pollution through the following means:

  • Optimizing energy use
  • Decreasing energy waste
  • Minimizing CO2 emissions
  • Increasing economic value
  • Improving total train performance

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